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PostSubject: Forum Guidelines   Forum Guidelines EmptyFri Jan 23, 2009 6:29 pm

Please be reminded of the follwing:

1. Please post in a civilized manner.

Because courtesy (and other ritualized stupidity) is what separates us from the animals. This dictum can be broken down into the following:

a.) Keep your tempers under control.

Yes, sometimes things may irritate/offend/outrage you, but that doesn't mean that you can respond in kind. If anything, exchanging heated words will simply draw people in and cause a flame war, which will more often than not lead to breaking the succeeding rules.

b.) Do not make unwarranted personal attacks or spread false statements about someone or something.

That goes for both personal attacks due to inability to refute someone's arguments or spreading and propagating unconfirmed rumors about a person or organization's alleged actions. The former is a logical fallacy and the sign of an immature (or petty) mind and the latter is simply slander.

The penalty of violating these rules will range from post deletion and a warning for minor offenses, to post moderation or temporary suspension for major offenses, to permanent account suspension for repeated and/or serious offenses.

4.) Follow the rules of basic netiquette.

(Here's a primer on netiquette for those with time on their hands.)

This applies to *any* online community you visit. Again, another rule that can be broken down into the following directives:

a.) Do not spam.

Spamming refers to posting comments unrelated to a topic, posting pointless responses (such as a simple emoticon or a one-liner) and posting outside of the appropriate section.

This also includes advertising unrelated sites or soliciting products that have nothing to do with the subject matter.

b.) Post legibly.

D0 /\/07 P057 |/\/ 1337. dnt pst n txt shrthnd. DO NOT USE ALL CAPS UNLESS YOU'RE EMPHASIZING A POINT. It's not like a few extra keystrokes (Caps Lock included) will take all that much time to push, and it makes your messages easier to read (and more intelligent).

c.) Do not stray from the topic of the thread.

Out of consideration to the person who started the thread and the people following it, please do not attempt to derail the discussion with off-topic posts.

Breaking any of these rules will result in a warning. Receive too many warnings and you may get a temporary or permanent suspension, depending on moderator leniency.

5.) Avoid posting double topics. This includes double posting. If you have posted something already, and you wish to post something again, please wait for at least 10 minutes or until somebody's post appears after that particular post, or simply edit your post and just type there your additional message.

6.) No Trolling.

A Troll is a user who makes a post simply to generate arguments and cause chaos. It is usually an off-topic post or a ranting diatribe against a person or organization.

Anyone violating this rule will be suspended, period. Anarchy may be fun, but not in here it isn't.

7.) Do not create multiple forum identities

Multiple forum accounts for the same poster are not permitted. You may only have one account per person unless you have permission from the admins.

Some people create multiple identities to troll around without getting their original forum account banned and also to hide their real identities. Some do it to cheat polls.

If we suspect someone , we can track his/her IP and compare it with any other user's IP.

The penalty for violating this rule is deletion of all of the violator's accounts.

8.) Signatures

a. please do not use bright colors or big fonts in signatures

b. if you cant speak english well and commit many sentence errors, please just speak in tagalog.

9.) Read all Announcements.

At least the ones in the Rules section, and some stickies in the other sections. Ignorance of a new rule, event, etc. is no excuse for violating them. (You can easily see the date of the latest post in the Rules section so this shouldn't be a hassle)


The No Mercy Forum Administrators and Moderators retain exclusive rights as to determine what breaks a rule, and also reserves the right to ban any user, at any time, and for any reason.

By registering and posting on the boards, you have agreed to obey the guidelines.

Violation of the guidelines earns you a Warning. Further offenses will result in Account Suspension, Permanent Moderator Preview, Posting Disability and/or Permanent Ban, as per discretion of the Forum Admin or Mod on duty.

Moderators and Administrators may upgrade the punishment, or instantly ban a user when it is deemed necessary. They can downgrade the warning if an erring member mends his ways.

Discplinary actions meted towards a user are considered final and unappealable.

Forum guidelines are subject to changes without prior notice. Any changes in the guidelines has a retroactive effect. It is the responsibility of the user to check the rules to be updated.
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Forum Guidelines
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